"Waiting for Game Host Acceptance"

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  • Hello,

    Was nearing the end of a MP session the other night on our server (was running mostly fine, aside from a few minor lags/etc. probably by some mods that aren't running the greatest.) However it was nothing out of the usual for what we expect when playing on MP and so it was fine. However eventually the server/game basically quit updating anything (could still move around in-game, but could not interact with anything / drive any vehicles, pick up objects, etc). I figured something must be wrong so I exited out of the game and proceeded to restart the server via the FS19 Dedicated Server interface. Upon restarting the server, I was able to find it in the server browser, but upon trying to connect get a message "Waiting for Game Host Acceptance..." or something of that nature. I have waited for quite a while and not to my surprise nothing happens. Any support with this issue??