Question about moving Boats in 1 Oasis Server

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  • I just rented my first server, and i was wondering , if i made boats on my once Oasis and we change what oasis we want to play on do we lose the boats we build? or is there a way to move them?

  • Hey Belazrael , if you take your walker to the end of an oasis, you can go back to the lobby. Once you have done so, you can activate an oasis that is adjacent to the one you logged out of. After that you can enter your server again, now the new oasis will be displayed which you can join. On the left side of the lobby menu you can now select a walker and start with it on the new oasis.

  • I haven't played in a month or so but the way if was when i was playing was when you changed maps your walkers were logged out to the lobby and anything else on that map was saved. So when you changed back and forth between maps all you stuff will still remain in the map when you log back on except for your walker will be in the lobby. All buildings etc will remain on the map as long as you don't delete them. They might have changed the way walkers logged off since them but i believe everything else is the same. Just remember when you switch maps all quality of resources will reset back to zero.

  • Hello Nomad, if u renting ur server and have only 1 oasis, even when u not log off and active different Oasis, u just be kicked from game and return to lobby, after when Second Oasis active and u log in, ALL walkers and u be on edge of the map, so u no have to back on edge and log off before u do anything. also u will not lose anything from walkers, and desactive Oasis still will keep all buildings etc saved. so good luck :) no have to worry about anything.