How Does Banning Players Work?

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  • Hi

    Yesterday, I banned two players from my Xbox server. Looking at the logs just now I saw one of them had logged in some hours AFTER I had banned them. They were banned using the Player Control option on the Nitrado control panel via my PC. In the game I opened the admin manager and indeed saw that the two players were on the banned list.

    The log showed that they "joined the ark" and then immediately "left the ark", all at the exact same time stamp, to the second.

    My question is, how does the banning work? What I mean is, if a player is banned can they still see my Ark on the server list? If so, are the able to attempt to join it, or are they immediately told "you are banned"?

    I am guessing that they were able to still see the ark on the list but their attempt to log in was rejected, but the log classed the attempt as joining the ark.

    I would appreciate some clarification on how the banning of players works.

    Thank you.


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  • Hello Myrm,

    you can easily manage this via the player management in your web interface under Tools > Player Management.

    If you only see players joining and leaving the server for a short time, you can check the log of your server.