Alpha 19 b173 | Unresolved

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  • The latest experimental release is Alpha 19 b173 (that was released late on a Friday). My server (and our servers) did not auto-roll over to b173 from b169. Servers (new accounts, as a friend and I tested), reinstalled, or even when a game is swapped on the server and swapped back - are failing to fully launch.

    Looking at other services, there are similar issues. However, I do find it disgruntling that Fun Pimps would release an experimental build update late on a Friday when weekends are usually less staffed for server rentals. Then again, it's an experimental build.

    I have found that 'Switching Games' to 7 Days to Die Alpha 18.4 works fine. Hopefully with the regular week day and more staff at work, there is a solution found. So far, it seems that few have gotten b173 working, but the ones here on the forums have gotten bad RNG.