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  • Hi

    Over the past few days I have noticed a number of sleeping survivors being killed on my Xbox server.

    Normally, when looking at the logs, I can see when a survivor has been killed by, for example, a dino, as the log will say something like "human was killed by a raptor", or, "human1 was killed by human2".

    However, a few sleeping survivor deaths on my server have this noted in the logs: "human was killed". There is nothing to suggest what killed them. I don't believe they starved to death as normally the log would say something like "your raptor starved to death".

    I run a PvE server, so a player cannot directly kill another player (unless from the same tribe as friendly fire is enabled). However, I know that a sleeping survivor who is not sleeping on a bed can be dragged, for example, into the ocean, where they drown. All of the sleeping survivors who have been mysteriously killed over the past few days were not sleeping on beds. Some were out in the open, but some were actually in bases (but with the door left open.)

    I suspect this is another player going around and killing the sleeping survivors for the following reasons:

    1) Lack of explanation of the cause of death in the logs.

    2) All the deaths were of logged out survivors not sleeping on beds. In one base there were several sleeping survivors. The only ones not killed were those sleeping on beds, even though the bed and non-bed survivors were right next to each other.

    3) Some of the survivors were in bases, and albeit that the doors were open, I don't believe a dino has entered the small doorway and killed them.

    4) Whenever a sleeping survivor dies there is a certain new tribe/player logged in, and often during these deaths that tribe was the only one logged in.

    5) All the of the deaths started near this new tribe bases, and have fanned out from there.

    Could the lack of explanation of the death of a sleeping survivor mean that they were killed by another player indirectly?

    Taking into account the reasons I give above, is it likely my suspicions are correct?

    Thank you.


    I am currently employed as one of Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard (Yinchorr Academy - Class of 2019).

  • Yup, sounds like someone having fun dragging folks to their deaths. Not a new thing.

    Yes, they admitted it when I confronted them about it. They claimed that dragging sleeping survivors to their deaths was classed as "PvE".

    They have both been banned and their structures/tames/survivors deleted.


    I am currently employed as one of Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard (Yinchorr Academy - Class of 2019).


    Closed the thread.