Nitrado Servers Not Handling Play Anywhere - Not Syncing Character Data to PC

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  • I have ARK installed on an Xbox One and also play it on PC. Well, I did up until yesterday. The PC version of ARK is not syncing the data and showing the characters on the map or characters 'in the cloud' that were uploaded via the obelisk. ***I can play on the Xbox and characters are present; both on the map and in the obelisk. The characters are not lost. I uninstalled and reinstalled Ark on the PC. Re-synced and it is still not loading in the characters on the PC. I am providing this information as I believe it is likely a problem with Nitrado servers not interfacing correctly with the PC version of the play anywhere game - ARK.

    To put it a different way: The PC version of ARK does not 'see' the character being present and wants me to create a character. Also, I have two characters in the "the cloud" (uploaded to obelisk) and when clicking on 'Download' the characters in the cloud do not appear and the game just crashes.