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The Basics

The Forum is a virtual place where people of different origins and types come together.

The fact that it is a virtual platform and you don't face each other in a “real” way doesn't change the fact that you have to treat others with respect and behavior.

The registration takes place automatically with an existing customer account with An independent registration is not possible. The use of this community support forum remains free of charge. Nevertheless, accounts, contributions and topics can be removed or changed at any time by the operator, or an authorized person, without naming reasons.

  1. The team members manage the forum. Their instructions must be followed. Only they have special moderative and administrative rights and may warn other members and point out their misconduct. This takes place depending upon situation in the public or private part of the forum.
  2. The laws, norms and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the general moral principles of conduct apply.
  3. Obscenities, vulgarities, youth endangerment, insults, propaganda of political views or violations of the law are not permitted.

General Content of the Forum

Each user is solely responsible for the content of his own contributions. A liability of the operator is excluded, any claims for damages against the operator will be charged to the responsible user.

  • Never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else.
  • Communications may only be copied or distributed with the consent of ALL parties.
  • Pushing threads is prohibited.
  • Contributions which fall under the following areas are not allowed:
  • Spam,




    T&C violations,

    Posts about phishing,

    the sale of accounts,

    Distribution of viruses or other malicious software

  • Impersonating Nitrado employees or other forum users is prohibited.
  • Do not discuss any laws or rights in our forum. (e.g., fundamental rights, constitutional law, religious freedom, etc.) - There are other sites for this.
  • Please do not include usernames, company names, etc. as part of your thread titles.
  • Also, make sure that the post is related to your thread title.
  • Links to other websites (especially other providers of services offered by are prohibited. Exceptions are links, which are necessary for the understanding and the factual connection of a topic. Reflinks are generally not permitted.
  • Avatars with violence glorifying, discriminating, inhuman or otherwise punishable content are absolutely forbidden. Furthermore, avatars/signatures with pornographic, provocative or otherwise offensive content and animated images are prohibited.
  • Creating two threads of the same content ("double thread") is prohibited. The same applies to replying to a thread without prior post by another user ("double post"), except in the event that more than 24 hours have elapsed since the last post. In this case, the thread may be pushed.
  • It is not allowed to quote complete and unabridged contributions of other users (full quote). In addition, you should pay attention to the use of selected and meaningful text passages when quoting.

Rule violations

Any violation of the above rules will be punished by moderators, supporters and administrators in their sole discretion. They are also responsible for defining the rules. Unless decisions with far-reaching consequences are involved, the above-mentioned authorized persons are not obligated to explain the reasons for their actions in each individual case. Possible punishments are limited or unlimited warnings and notices. In the worst case, the forum account will be blocked. The user account on remains unaffected.


We recommend adhering to these rules to improve the quality of the contributions and the clarity of the forum. Proofreading or checking the posts using a spellchecker (add on for the browser, office program, ...) is expressly requested by the operator of this forum. Contributions that violate the rules and terms of use should be reported using the report function. When writing contributions, it is important to ensure that a meaningful topic is chosen (“HELP!” does not reveal the content). In addition, the content should be explained as precisely as possible. Conversations that exclusively concern two persons can be discussed via the appropriate function. The search function of the forum should also not be disregarded. With this it is possible to find a possible answer to the question within a few minutes. The above-mentioned rules apply to all areas of the forum, unless a deviation is expressly indicated for a specific forum area.

Rules and sanctions can be added, changed or removed at any time without giving reasons.

The user has to inform himself regularly about the newest rules and to follow these. Here applies: Ignorance does not protect from punishment!